I have a weird problem and I am not sure how to proceed:

I had one folder called AL18, which was backed up with rsync some time ago.

In the meanwhile, this folder was renamed to al18 and a new folder with different contents took the place of AL18. Then I did another backup with rsync.

Now if I do ls in the backup folder only AL18 appears. But if I do ls al18/ or ls AL18/ they list both the same files, and adding a new file in one,adds a new file in the other.

So i have some kind of duplicity! And my questions are simple: How and why? And what should I do now?


It turns out that where I do the backup, a windows share (mounted with cifs), any file can be written in capital or lower case letters. Thus the confusion!

So beware of windows mounts and equal filenames with different cases

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