I have a printer 'brother'. My network is a linux server; 'server' (debian 8.5) that handles DHCP, DNS, Routing, Firewalling etc with a local address of brother is connected to server and has an ip address of

The clients on my network that have addresses of 10.0.0.x/24 are able to send jobs to the printer using ipp://, however this requires each client to install cups and the driver or ppd for that printer. What I actually want to do is have clients send jobs to a centralized CUPS server at and then that instance of CUPS has a master job list and sends that to the printer as one connection. I don't want to give direct access to

I am confused on how to set this up exactly. Does anyone have any good resources I can read up on, or perhaps you can help me work this out?




Set up CUPS on the central server.

Use http://localhost:631, the Administration tab, to Add the network printer, select driver, etc.

Use http://localhost:631, the Administration tab, to select Share printers.

Restart CUPS and dnsmasq, or reboot the server.

Configure the clients http://localhost:631 on the clients, or read man lpadmin.

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