I have configuration of proftpd like this:

DefaultRoot ~ User

I try to jail User to home directory but this does not work so i try this:

DefaultRoot /home/userfolder ftp-proftpd

This should jail everybody who is in ftp-proftpd group into userfolder directory. But this did not work neither. I can connect over ftp client but I am in "/" directory and cannot open any of the folder. Can anybodey explain me how this work? I try configure proftpd according to proftpd documentation. I expected that after this configuration directive i will be in home direcotry or in userfolder directory after login to ftp server.

  • The DefaultRoot syntax uses an optional group name, not user name (as implied by your first example). Also, what FTP client are you using to test? What does the server side debug logging show, when you try to list the directory? – Castaglia Sep 22 '16 at 17:37

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