is it possible to exclude RPM from yum update

for example

the yum update command should bring the Linux to be with the highest patches level

but in some case we want to install all full patches but except for example iptable RPM

is it possible?

my second question

dose yum list is the command that show exactly the RPM that yum update intend to install ?

  1. Yes it is possible to exclude packages while update. Example,

    yum -x 'iptable*' -x 'php*' update

From man yum,
−x, −−exclude=package
Exclude a specific package by name or glob from updates on all repositories. Configuration Option: exclude

  1. yum list just provides all available and installed packages and will NOT list the RPM that yum update intend to install. If you want to check use yum list updates (also check man yum list options for more details).

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