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I know Linux is very permissive and allows customization at many levels but let's said that I have downloaded some .tar.gz files like for example phpStorm and Smargit (both have binaries and libraries used by software) and I want to use them as any other software installed through DNF. Where would you place the uncompressed files or how would you do this?

I've found this topic but I am not sure if /opt is the right place for put this kind of standalone software.

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  • The tarballs (.tar.gz files) themselves have little bearing on where you should put them, instead the contents are important. Do the tarballs contain binaries? source code? packages? – Centimane Sep 20 '16 at 20:30
  • @Centimane well them contains binaries since it's phpStorm and Smargit (non installable files, non packages) – ReynierPM Sep 20 '16 at 20:33

You should prefer to put your application folders to /opt which is exactly what you are asking for.

The /usr is the folder in which the files and folders are maintained by package managers like apt-get for Debian or yum for CentOS.

Also, you may want to check Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for Linux.


@ukil's answer is probably the most widespread (/opt)

/usr/local is also a commonly used location.

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