I can build a 64-bit efi grub2 boot file using grub-mkimage under Linux-Mint. But I want to make one that I can use with the signed shim

bootx64.efi - signed shim (e.g. from Ubuntu)

grubx64.efi - grub2 (e.g. from Ubuntu)

This boots in Secure Boot mode OK. But if I substitute the grubx64.efi file for the one I build, it only boots in non-Secure-boot mode.

The grub-mkimage script seems to have a provision for a public key. Is this what I need to add. If so, where do I get the key from and how do I add it?

  • I forgot to add, I want this for USB booting which uses bootx64.efi as a default boot file. – SSi Sep 20 '16 at 11:49

You need to access the key that was embedded into shim, most likely this means the access to build service (maybe with some privileges) -- ask grub package maintainer. I've noted some details here while messing with all of that back then...

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