Following on from Cron job for 7 days alone not followed by multiple weeks, I am trying to use at but it shows at: command not found.

By default it seems that Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.2 (Maipo) does not come with at. However, I can run cron jobs.

What package do I need to install? How would I do that?

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    Presumably, at is not shipped with RHEL so you will need to install it, as per the error message... – jasonwryan Sep 20 '16 at 6:27
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    @jasonwran Thank you, Captain Obvious :-) The problem is, how is one supposed to know that "at" comes in its own package, and not part of something else, and if so, just what is that something else? – UncaAlby Mar 9 at 14:29

I dont have a RedHat right here, but on Debian the package is called at.


yum install at

(and then this question might be deleted. Its kind of obvious)

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    It is not at all obvious. Many programs that formerly came pre-installed now come as part of some other package. You might, for example, need to say yum install schedule-utils, then you'd get at, batch, and who knows what else. And yum search at returns a listing with every package with "at" in the name, quite a long list, let me assure you. OK, we're lucky this time, yum install at actually works. But do I have permission to strangle the goofball who decided to leave it out in the first place? – UncaAlby Mar 9 at 14:23

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