To display content of pcap file , we use :

tcpdump -r /Path/to/syscontection.pcap;

However, this command line does not follow the pcap file on realtime , like tail -f which follows a plain text .

  • Is there an option with tcpdump which acts like -f of tail ?


  • Is there an option with tail that can read pcap file?


  • Something else ?
  • tcpdump acts exactly what you want when running with no parameters. – Ipor Sircer Sep 19 '16 at 14:28
  • 3
    Possible duplicate of How to process/pipe TCPDUMPs output in realtime. I also recommend checking the man page before asking a question, it might save you some time. – Hatclock Sep 19 '16 at 14:30
  • 2
    This is not a duplicate question. He is asking about tcpdump's input not output. – rudimeier Sep 19 '16 at 14:49
tail -c +1 -f /Path/to/syscontection.pcap | tcpdump -l -r -
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