Running one of my custom kernels, I can't get my Kobo Aura HD eReader automounted. It's recognized, but that's all. Using a Debian standard kernel, it works OK.

I could now diff the configs, but too may options differ (there are 14.000 config options in 4.0 after all).

Q: What modules are needed for a Kobo Aura HD eReader to be (auto)mounted in the 4.7 line?


First by trying run this

scripts/kconfig/streamline_config.pl > .config-wherevername


cat .config-wherevername | grep =m | wc -l

You are able to make a custom .config by using that script command above.

If you see more than 1K of modules, then try it again.

Another method is whose modules were loaded by kernel.

cat /proc/modules | wc -l

pd: if you see my English bad, I apologize, cause it is not my first or main language.

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