I have so far: installed ProFTPD, turned ipv6 off in the conf, changed server name from Debian to jon-virtual-machine, and jailed users to their home folder. But it says I can't determine IP address or process the conf file.

  • Sorry for lack of info i went with VSFTPD instead all is working now. – user1871 Sep 17 '16 at 20:14

It's difficult to answer this question because of lack of information provided (proftpd.conf, /etc/hosts, output of ifconfig and hostname).
I guess it's a problem related to your changed hostname. If so, try to modify your /etc/hosts from:

x.y.z.t Debian  

where x.y.z.t is your actual IP address, to:

x.y.z.t jon-virtual-machine  

I've supposed your hostname output is jon-virtual-machine.

Let me know if it's the case.

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