I have to create a file with the name X.<current_date_and_time>_<time in HHMM> where the time is 3 minutes hence the time now

for example: If the current date is 9/17/2016 and current time is 14.21 filename should be: X.20160917.1421_1424

command I am using for this is:

mv sample.xml A$(date +%Y%m%d.%H%M)_$((date +%H%M)+ 3m)

It's not working because of including + 3m.


Assuming GNU date(1):

mv sample.xml A"$(date +%Y%m%d.%H%M)_$(date -d 'now +3 minutes' +%H%M)"
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  • This is accurately working. Thanks Sato Katsura! – rachit7 Sep 17 '16 at 10:18

With dateutils

dateadd --format '%H%M' --zone 'Your/Time Zone' now +3m
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