I would like to map the Windows/Meta key in my vimperatorrc & vimrc, including Meta-key bindings for tab movement:

" move to previous tab
nnoremap <M-h> gT

" move to next tab
nnoremap <M-l> gt

Unfortunately neither Vimperator nor Vim accepts these bindings. Although they do not complain, the bindings simply do not work.

According to this tutorial: How to map keys in Vim, <M-...> should map the meta (windows) key?!

Any ideas?

System setup: I am using Vim and Vimperator on Manjaro (Arch Linux Fork) within KDE. Thus, Vim runs in Yakuake (KDE's terminal "manager"/"multiplexer") and Vimperator in FireFox 48.

Sidenote: Vim shows the same behavior when launched in a normal terminal, outside of Yakuake.

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In Vim, meta is the same as alt. Cp. :help meta:

<M-...>     alt-key or meta-key     *meta* *alt* *<M-*
<A-...>     same as <M-...>         *<A-*

In Pentadactyl, this supposedly works (cp. :help key-notation):

<A-␣>: The alt key.
<M-␣>: The meta key, windows key, or command key.

But at least for me (on Ubuntu with Gnome classic), meta mappings don't work at all (probably because they don't arrive in the browser at all).

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