I need to overcome a limitation of Amazon Cloud drive via the Cloud Sync app on my Synology NAS. This only allows files up to 10GB max to be sync to Amazon. I have a number of bluray rips which are larger.

I have already created a simple script to identify all such files but now for each such file I need to apply the logic as per the title of my question i.e.

for each matching file if there is no existing tar for the file create a tar, split into 10GB chunks (in the same folder) else do nothing

Any help is much appreciated.


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If you want to create a tar from a mymovie.br and have it in chunks of 10GB each, you can use this command:

tar cvzf - mymovie.br | split --bytes=10GB - mymovie.tar.

Basically all it's doing is taking your big file and taring it - then it splits it into 10GB chunks afterwards, which can be reassembled.

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