I've seen there's other dictionaries you can add to OS X's Dictionary app, but all I can find is spoken languages. It'd be nice to, while reading a software book, be able to right click a unix function/keyword/etc and have it come up in Dictionary. Anyone know how to go about this? For Unix or any language/OS/kernel/etc.? I know they have Wikipedia built in, which would work, just wondering if there's anything more programming-specific.


Depending on your Version of MacOS X, you can create your own content for the Dictionary app. There's a lot of pre-generated material out there, and even a few additional tools to convert stuff from other sources.

Basically you need your "dictionary" input to be well-formatted, and decide which field goes where.

  • ahh i figured there wouldn't be anything pre-made. thanks! – Marty Feb 6 '12 at 17:51

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