I would like to install X11 libraries and header files in my own account (not root) for further use.

What other libs do I need to install for that? Where can I find the source codes and installation guide?

Truely, I want to install "ncview" software (http://meteora.ucsd.edu/~pierce/ncview_home_page.html) in my centOS linux. In the root, the system does not contain "X11" in the /usr/include. So, I want to install it in my own account.

Thanks for looking into it.


As noted by @andrew-henle, the q/a How do I extract the contents of an rpm? gives some information which could be useful. If you want to compile ncview and have no ability to install packages, you could find RPMs for the missing pieces, download them and copy the files to your home directory.

If you do that, suppose you put those under $HOME/mystuff. Then under that directory, make subdirectories bin, lib (or lib64), include (and include/X11) and share. Copy the files extracted from the RPMs to the corresponding location in the "mystuff" tree.

Set these environment variables to help the ncview configure-script:

CFLAGS to -I$HOME/mystuff/include
LDFLAGS to -L$HOME/mystuff/lib -L$HOME/mystuff/lib64

Then run the configure-script for ncview. It will probably find that you overlooked something. Get that, put it in the mystuff tree. Repeat until you get it to compile.

Likely those packages have shared libraries. If so, you will need a workaround to get ncview to run, and probably just to configure it. Set this environment variable to help:


  • Thanks for your help. I will do as per your suggestions and will update the status. – Palash Sinha Sep 19 '16 at 4:40

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