I am trying TrueOS, the evolution of PC-BSD. I downloaded the 'TrueOS-Desktop-2016-09-09-x64.iso'.

When running the installer in Parallels Desktop 12.0.1 virtual machine the main menu for the installer appears, with a few options to choose from. I let that menu expire after about several seconds to auto-boot. I see all the installer scripts reporting to the console.

But then the main menu for installer re-appears, deja-vu. Lather, rinse, repeat. The main menu and installer scripts keep running in a loop, endlessly. I never get any further than seeing the installer scripts console output fly-by, never see any success in booting the TrueOS environment.

Any suggestions?

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  • You might try posting this question on their forum/mailing list. – Mateusz Piotrowski Sep 14 '16 at 9:51

Fixed in 2016-09-20 release

Seems to be fixed in new TrueOS installer for 2016-09-20. Or perhaps fixed in the new Parallels 12.0.2 update.

I downloaded the file TrueOS-Desktop-2016-09-20-x64-DVD.iso. Pointed the Parallels Wizard to that .iso file. When prompted by Parallels, I identified the type of OS by choosing Other > FreeBSD. After much console output, the graphical installer for TrueOS does indeed appear.

Tip, after clicking Finish in the graphical installer, you are returned to the character-oriented window (COW) installer. There, choose the last option to reboot the system.

Running Parallels 12.0.2 on a host MacBook Pro running Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 with 16 gigs physical memory.

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