I'm running a fresh new install of CentOS 7 x64 w/ Cinnamon as my window manager. Occasionally I'm getting some major lag doing basic tasks, so I opened up an instance of top and it appears that the process polkitd (under user polkitd) is using a good bit of CPU.

It fluctuates from consistently 10% CPU to even as high as 70%, and I can't figure out what the process is all about, if it's necessary, and if not how can I stop it?

Thanks in advance for any advice you all may have!


I found out what was going on.

I had the applet 'Multi-core System Monitor' installed and added to one of my taskbars. It appears there's a bug in that code which causes polkitd to have a ton of CPU usage that steadily increases over time to unreasonable levels.

More info on applet causes continuously increasing memory usage

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