I would like to synchronize two Bash scripts via a file lock. How to do this? Zsh has zsystem flock call, but is there a more "shellish" method that's also available to Bash?

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Apart from locking the file itself, you could create a file used as a lock (a lockfile). There are a bunch of utilities for this, e.g. procmail has lockfile, and in Debian, the liblockfile-bin package has dotlockfile. Procmail should be common enough to be available on most systems.

But basically it comes down to something like:

tempfile=$(mktemp ./lock.XXXX)
if ln $tempfile $lockfile ; then
    echo got it
    # do something
    rm $lockfile # after you're done
    echo did not succeed
rm $tempfile

ln will not clobber the target if it already exists, unlike something like echo > file, instead you get an error you can check.

NOTE: if you want to do locks over NFS, use some tool made for that purpose. The semantics of concurrent access to files over NFS are... interesting to say the least.

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