I am using XFCE and I would like to have a shortcut to move some windows to other workspaces in order to "clean up" current workspace.

I know, there are settings for this kind of shortcuts (move the window to workspace number bla-bla as well as to workspace left/right/...). But the drawback here is that using this shortcuts the workspace is also switched, so "cleaning up" you all the time need to switch back to the original workspace. Is there a possibility to setup some shortcut, which would "send" a window to some workspace but the active workspace would not "follow" the window?

A solution that I like was proposed in GNOME2: moving window by arrows switches workspace also, but using workspace number does not switch the workspace (or vice versa, but it is not important here). Is there something like this for XFCE?


You should be able to do something using wmctrl which interacts with a EWMH compatible window manager such as Xfce. From the man page

wmctrl -r <WIN> -t <DESK>

You can specify the <WIN> by title name, or use :SELECT: and click on the window, or use :ACTIVE: for the current window. (I'm not able to try this at the moment.)


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