I was able to install davfs2 and I can even mount the SharePoint document library using it but when I try to do anything on the mount I get an error.

I can mount the document library:

root@host:/# mount -t davfs "http://sharepoint/Shared Documents" /mnt/sp
Please enter the username to authenticate with server
http://sp/Site Stuff or hit enter for none.
  Username: username
Please enter the password to authenticate user nacho with server
http://sp/Site Stuff or hit enter for none.

I can CD to it and I can see it mounted since there:

root@host:/# cd /mnt/sp
root@host:/mnt/sp# ls
Forms  lost+found  home.html

But when I try to create a file or do anything I get an error:

root@host:/mnt/sp# touch a
touch: setting times of ‘a’: No such file or directory

root@host:/mnt/sp# date > hi.txt
bash: hi.txt: Invalid argument

Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?

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I met this problem today, and as the fix I applied works fine, here it is.

It looks like the WebDAV default option use_locks is set to value 1 in the DAVFS configuration file davfs2.conf.

Here is an excerpt of the manual of this file (provided by the command man davfs.conf):

Whether to lock files on the server when they are opened for writing.  0 = no, 1 = yes.
Default: 1

I would recommend changing the use_locks value to 0 by adding the line

use_locks 0

either in the system wide DAVFS configuration file (usually: /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf) or in the user customized file (usually: ~/.davfs2/davfs2.conf).

  • Thank you. I don't have a computer I can test on right now but I will check it as soon as I do. Sep 19, 2017 at 16:14

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