I am currently using several dozen keyboard shortcuts in xfce4 using xbindkeys. I want to switch to Wayland though for window management.

Question: Does xbindkeys work in Wayland? If not, how does one configure keyboard shortcuts in Wayland? Is there an easy way to transplant a keyboard setup from X to Wayland?


I've been trying to find out more about the possibilities for global keybindings in Wayland, but have seen mostly found inconsistent or incomplete information. xbindkeys will not work in Wayland, except (maybe) for X applications, which use an instance of X Server running as a Wayland client. Because the creators of Wayland are emphasizing greater security and compartmentalization of applications, there's been some resistance to enabling inter-client communication (such as that between xbindkeys and the focused window or the window manager, etc). Not sure exactly how it is/will be implemented, but I think it would involve privileging certain applications to send messages indirectly through the compositor (Weston or other). Could be wrong about that. Regardless, the Wayland API will be different, and thus require new keybinding programs. As of a couple months ago, it didn't appear any had been developed, and I'm not sure it had been settled how that sort of IPC would be handled. Let me know if you find anything.

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