I would like to change the following string

allow ^120\.123\.178\.254$


allow ^124\.130\.23\.235$

with sed.

I tried the following but it does not work.

sed -e 's/allow ^120\.123\.178\.254$/allow ^124\.130\.23\.235$/g' /etc/xxx/file.conf

May you can help me?

  • You might want to use -r for different escaping rules. You will still need to escape the backslashes themselves though. – phk Sep 5 '16 at 18:22

Your source has \, $, ^ and . characters in them, which will need additional quoting. Also your target has \ which should be quoted

So the resulting string is a little messy:

sed 's/allow \^120\\\.123\\\.178\\\.254\$/allow ^124\\.130\\.23\\.235$/'

The final g you had is only necessary if this string may appear multiple times per line.

For example:

$ cat x
allow ^120\.123\.178\.254$
$ sed 's/allow \^120\\\.123\\\.178\\\.254\$/allow ^124\\.130\\.23\\.235$/' x 
allow ^124\.130\.23\.235$

If perl is an option, both the search pattern and replacement can be quoted

$ cat file.conf
allow ^120\.123\.178\.254$

$ perl -pe 's/\Qallow ^120\.123\.178\.254$/q(allow ^124\.130\.23\.235$)/e' file.conf
allow ^124\.130\.23\.235$

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