I do not want to store my sent file for mutt in my home directory. I would like to move this file to the .mutt directory.

Inside my muttrc I did this -

set record="~/.mutt/" 

but this causes an error and is non functional. I do not want to deactivate the sent file. I just want to move it. How do I move this file using muttrc?


You need to specify the full filename using record:

set record = "~/.mutt/sent"

You could also use + to place your sent mail in a mailbox alongside your other mailboxes (thanks to grochmal for the suggestion):

set record = "+sent"

The mailbox location is set using the folder variable, and is ~/Mail by default.

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  • I was missing the full filename. Thanks a bunch. This solved my issue. – ILikeTurtles Sep 5 '16 at 2:59

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