i want to install Profonts, and it comes with .pcf (bitmap) files.

installing .tff is easy but they don't contain any bitmaps shapes so they might look not as clean as the original

i have tried to add this on fonts.conf

enter image description here


and i have tried to add the font path

xset fp+ /usr/local/fonts/bitmap

xset fp rehash

and update using:

fc-cache -f -v

but the profont still missing.

the result of fc-cache -f -v is :

/usr/local/share/fonts/bitmap: caching, new cache contents: 0 fonts, 0 dirs

no fonts found, but lot of fonts found in other directory

i use Debian 8.4 jessie, KDE 4.14.2


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PCF fonts should go into misc/ not bitmap/, I can install the fonts on that website without going through any special configuration. I only drop the files into the correct folder. Let's go step by step:

Get the font:

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/fonts/misc
cd ~/.local/share/fonts/misc
wget -O pro.zip http://tobiasjung.name/downloadfile.php?file=profont-x11.zip

Place the font files directly under ~/.local/share/fonts/misc, and, as an extra zip them to save space.

unzip pro.zip
mv profont-x11/P*.pcf .
for f in *.pcf; do gzip "$f"; done

Force a cache update (just like you are doing), and we have the fonts:

$ fc-cache -f
$ fc-match -a pro | grep Pro
ProFont_r400-12.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"
ProFont_r400-11.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"
ProFont_r400-15.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"
ProFont_r400-10.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"
ProFont_r400-17.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"
ProFont_r400-22.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"
ProFont_r400-29.pcf.gz: "ProFont" "Regular"

If you use the fontconfig defaults there is no need to tweak fonts.conf or edit the font path.


  • I'm using the local fontconfig path (~/.local, i.e. per user), per system path would be simply /usr/share/fonts/misc/.

  • If you really want to use bitmap/ instead of misc/ you do need the xset call.

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