Wine does not sandbox the applications run therein, and is susceptible to malware.

Is there a way to sandbox Wine in OS X, using some neat solution, perhaps third-party software?

Or, is virtualization software absolutely necessary?

(Unfortunately, in my case, virtualization software is something I would like to avoid, because I have limited space on my drive and it would be a waste of space to install a Windows image just to test some minor things.)


The VM is the only secure solution.

You could use chroot-ed setup to isolate the app in question from the rest of your system, but remember, that if that app is clever enough to detect that it runs under wine, that wine is running under OSX and, finally, it succeeds to break the chroot jail then you are at risk.

Although the probability of such a situation is quite low, it is still possible.


also remember to disable (at least password-protect) any networking services your OSX is running that may accept connections from the localhost without authentication

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