I am trying to automate the use of shred and putting the output into log files. Currently I am copying the serial number manually using

hdparm -I /dev/sd? | grep 'Serial\ Number'

I know that there is a way to have grep give me only the number and not the "Serial Number" text before it but I don't know how. Could someone how knows reg expressions help me?


Try awk instead of grep:

hdparm -I /dev/sd? | awk '/Serial Number/ { print $3 }'

or specify separator rather than accepting default of whitespace

hdparm -I /dev/sd? | awk -F':' '/Serial Number/ { print $2 }'
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    The second form has the disadvantage of leaving all the spaces between the colon and the serial number. Sep 2 '16 at 15:51

As that xkcd strip mentions perl, let's have a perl solution:

hdparm -I /dev/sd? | perl -nle '/Serial Number:\s+(.+)$/ && print $1'

A perl version of the awk solution in the other answer:

hdparm -I /dev/sd? | perl -anle '/Serial Number:/ && print $F[2]'


hdparm -I /dev/sd? | grep -oP 'Serial Number:\s*\K.*'

This uses positive lookbehind to ignore pattern before our required string.. in this case Serial Number:\s*



hdparm -I /dev/sd? | sed -n 's/^.*Serial\ Number:  *\(.*\)$/\1/p'

(probably lots of other ways to do this using sed - this is just one way that I like: suppress the default print; match the required portion of the line; replace the entire line with it; then print it out.)

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