Situation: I have only Debian 8.5 in my system without Windows 10, and I would like to update the Bios of Zenbook UX303UA R4028T

  1. Update bios with Debian i.e. do the flashing somehow, since no code exists for it.
  2. Install Windows-10 alongside the Debian installation, and update the bios with Windows 10 with the official software.

Solving the thing with official Asus chat

They point me to the thread here where you see that you need the flash utility to the update on Windows. However, I am still unsure how to replace it for Debian or if you can do the update directly in Bios. So there are only updates in Windows 10 section of the manufacturer here.

  1. BIOS 208

    Description BIOS 208
    Update FW
    File Size   2.48 MBytesupdate 2016/05/05
  2. Windows BIOS Flash Utility

    • not sure what to do with this - - TODO?

      BIOS-Utilities (1)
      Version V3.0.1
      Description Windows BIOS Flash Utility
      File Size   888.63 KBytes 2015/08/14 update

After Stephen's answer

Final result: Bios was the latest (updated already on April 2016 to 208) which I saw in Easy Boot [Stephen], so I did not need to update. I just wonder why Asus support did not have proper knowledge of Bios update in Linux, and about Bios states in different systems when serial is known.

Hardware: Asus Zenbook UX303UA R4028T
OS: Debian 8.5 64 bit
Linux kernel: 4.6
Keywords: bios firmware upgrade asus ux303ua R4028T download


You can update the firmware from the built-in firmware setup; this is documented on the Asus site.

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