I'm having trouble trying to install screen on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.5.

I have tried:

sudo yum install screen


sudo yum install screen.x86_64


sudo yum list screen


Error: No matching Packages to list

Running sudo yum repolist gave me this:

Loaded plugins: product-id, refresh-packagekit, security, subscription-manager

This system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management. You can use subscription-manager to register.

Repository 'DVD' is missing name in configuration, using id

repo id repo name status

pgdg93 PostgreSQL 9.3 6Server - x86_64 407

rpmforge RHEL 6Server - RPMforge.net - dag 4,718

rpmforge-extras RHEL 6Server - RPMforge.net - extras 711

repolist: 5,836

When I run sudo subscription-manager list, I get:

    Installed Product Status
Product Name:   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server
Product ID:     69
Version:        6.5
Arch:           x86_64
Status:         Unknown
Status Details:

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

  • What does yum repolist show? Sep 1, 2016 at 20:21
  • @HeatfanJohn Updated the question with results.
    – ManoDestra
    Sep 1, 2016 at 20:26

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This means that you don't have a Red Hat subscription and are unable to get updates from Red Hat without one.

See this answer on ServerFault for more details.

If this is a licensed version of Red Hat, then this information on the Red Hat website shows you how to register your subscription.

If this is a new server installation you may want to consider switching to CentOS, which is the community supported version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or Fedora Server.


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