I'm trying to build a media player at home using an Odroid XU4 that runs Kodi, which should be always on. However, considering I will not be using it a lot of the time, I would want to put it in a low power mode automatically.

Right now, I have a script that's tied to Kodi's screensaver, which changes the CPU governor from Performance to Powersave and back. Problem with this is that the screensaver kicks in when I'm playing music as well. At the same time, I will use the machine as a file downloader, so relying on that screensaver will not be a good idea.

Some years ago I found a Linux tool that allowed me to configure triggers through a conf file (say for a certain CPU load and disk IO) and run commands (I was using it with hdparm) when these were hit. I cannot remember the name of this tool however.

In any case, I would be grateful for suggestions on how to see if a system is idle without relying on screensaver or terminal activity. CPU and disk/network IO should be key indicators of this.

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