I get an error error when trying to install Fedora 24 on a new computer I had just built. I choose Test this media & install Fedora 24 from the boot screen and then get the following error:

Fragment count: 20
Supported ISO: no
Press [Esc] to abort check.
Checking: 004.8%

The media check is complete, the result is: FAIL

It is not recommended to use this media.
[FAILED] Failed to start Media check on /dev/disk/by-label/Fedora-WS-Live-24-1-2.
See 'systemct1 status "checkisomd5@dev-diz-by\\x2dlabel-Fedora\\..."
[   11.192632] dracut-initquene[563]: Job for "checkisomd5@dev-diz-by\\x2dlabel-Fedora\\..." faled because the control process exited with error code. See "checkisomd5@dev-diz-by\\x2dlabel-Fedora\\..." and "journalct1 -xe" for details.[   11.224155] dracut: FATAL: CD check failed!!
[   11.224174] dracut: Refusing to continue

[   11.915103] reboot: System halted


I tested the following to try and find the problem.

  • the method I used to write the iso image to the flash drive
  • the flash drive
  • the computer I was installing on

However, I did some tests and found that none of those three things were the issue. Here's what I did to find that out:

I downloaded an iso image of Fedora 24 and tested it in a virtual machine, where it worked perfectly. Using a MacBook, I followed the instructions on the Fedora Project Wiki to write the iso file to a flash drive by using diskutil. Using my Windows 7 partition of the MacBook, I wrote the iso image to a second flash drive using SUSE Studio ImageWriter and those same instructions. I then tried both flash drives on my newly built computer and the MacBook; all got the same error listed above.

Choosing Install Fedora 24 at the boot screen instead of Test this media & install Fedora 24 causes the installation to freeze at some fingerprint authentication daemon.


Why would it work in a virtual machine but not on a real computer, assuming iso write method, flash drive, or computer?


I succeeded by using a different computer to write the iso image to the flash drive. Apparently, switching partitions on the same computer is not the same as using a different computer altogether.

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