I have created user using below command

useradd myuser

Then, I tried to do change password with following command

usermod --password mypwd myuser

(I know plain password is not a good way, but for time being I am doing this)

I have tried to login myuser with mypwd. But, it's not allowing to login (incorrect password).

I could use passwd myuser (working fine). There are some constraints, so I am doing with usermod.

Is anything I am missing in usermod ? or Is there any alternatives to do change password other than passwd username?


The parameter given to usermod --password is expected to be the encrypted password, as returned by the crypt() function. If you look in /etc/shadow (assuming you're using local password storage) you'll see the string you specified stored as-is in myuser's entry...

If you really want to use usermod for this, you can generate the appropriate value using openssl passwd:

usermod --password $(openssl passwd mypwd) myuser

or better still

usermod --password $(openssl passwd -1 mypwd) myuser
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