For this type of dir structure :


I know that I can use rm -rf <<folderPath>> to delete parent folder and all sub-folders, but I want to delete all folders and files except \\\rdwlhsdevserver\root\Childfolder

After running cmd, output should be like:


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rm -rf /path/to/root/*/*

NOTE: Please test this first by making a similar test directory structure. Your shell may not support this kind of syntax (I tested on bash and zsh).

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    In bash, that ** is the same as * unless you turn on the globstar option to enable zsh-style recursive globbing. But anyway, here, you'd want */*, not **/*. You'd also need to tell the shell to remove hidden files (add (D) in zsh or turn on the dotglob option in bash). Aug 31, 2016 at 7:37
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    Good points. And with globstar on, bash will actually delete the children of root with **/*. zsh will do the same. I am going to update the answer. Aug 31, 2016 at 7:57

With GNU or BSD find:

find /path/to/root -mindepth 2 -delete

With zsh:

rm -rf /path/to/root/*/*(D)

However note that if there are symlinks to directories in /path/to/root, they will be followed to remove the files in them. You may also run into a Arg list too big error which you could work around by enabling the rm builtin:

zmodload zsh/files
rm -rf /path/to/root/*/.(D)

(the builtin version of rm can remove .)

If you don't want to follow symlinks:

zmodload zsh/files
dirs=(/path/to/root/*(D/)) && rm -rf $^dirs/.

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