I am using Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-bit Following "How to set an icon for custom mimetype in Linux Mint Mate?" I successfully added icons for 3 different custom mime types .wsa, .spy and *.stk and associated corresponding apps to launch upon double-click. The reference link above covers that much but I also wanted appropriate icon for the 'open with xyz apps' context menu. Like you see your video player icon when right clicking it for open with options: enter image description here

Problem is I followed @Egor Skriptunoff and @whtyger suggestion combined from the reference post and .spy mime-types shows appropriate file type icons, opens with appropriate application upon double-click and shows appropriate app icon in context menu but the other two mime-types do not show app icon in context menu whereas they show appropriate file type icons and opens with corresponding applications okay. enter image description here

I followed same procedures for the three mime types described in the reference post above. Still seeing different outcomes. What I am doing wrong and how can I get icons for the other two mime-types?

Procedures followed:
00- (Optional?) Add text/mime-type extension line to /etc/mime.types eg. text/stk stk
01- Create *.desktop and *.xml files
02- Run the commands:

xdg-mime install --novendor ranktracker.xml 
xdg-icon-resource install --context mimetypes --size 32 text-stk.png text-stk
xdg-desktop-menu install --novendor ranktracker.desktop 
xdg-mime default ranktracker.desktop text/stk 
sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/Mint-X

03- Copying appropriate icons to theme folder /usr/share/icons/Mint-X/mimetypes/(sizes) (all sizes /16/22/24/32/48/96)
04- Make icons always visible (prevent replacing icons with microtext): Enter nemo menu -> Edit -> Preferences -> Preview Set "Show Text in Icons" to "Never".

Inspired from : How to set an icon for custom mimetype in Linux Mint Mate?

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