I've a question to all the Qubes OS "Knowers" here. Actually I'm running Linux Mint and I love it. I don't want to change it for my daily routine. It's my fast running system without issues!

Additionally to that I run Whonix in an VM. I love it for the Tor Stuff and it's awesome in security but NOW I found something better for me.

Qubes OS. I love this system, but I don't want to delete Linux Mint System. So I decided to run in an VM and delete my Whonix System in this VM.

Now the question: Is it safe enough or does make Qubes OS sense when I install it on my harddrive? The problem is: I don't want to restart my system everytime I want to sign in into Tor or in Mint. That's the reason why I changed my habits from Tails OS to Whonix.

Maybe someone can help me with this "problem".

Qubes OS in VM ... yes or better not?

Lovely greetings


It is not a good idea to run Qubes inside a VM. Note the official installation text reads: We don’t recommend installing Qubes in a virtual machine! It will likely not work. You can still backup your existing system to an disk image and clean install Qubes. Then you can just make a HVM template of that image to use it again.

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