I am using Lubuntu 16 and I need to bookmark files. Which file manager is able to do so?

Note 1 : Lubuntu's default file manager(PCmanFM) doesn't have this feature.

Note 2 : I want to bookmark a file not a folder.


Among its other capabilities, emacs is a file manager (M-x dired). While emacs has a substantial learning curve, it can serve as a useful tool for file management (and more...).

To bookmark a file (in the sense that I think you mean), you can open up the directory of interest with dired (M-x dired), move to the file of interest and then "bookmark" the file with C-x r m. If you with to return to the directory and to that particular file later, you can do so with C-x r b.

You can take it a step further: the bookmarking facilities of emacs allow the user to bookmark not only a file but the position in the file as well.

Probably the most useful key bindings to start with are:

C-x r m sets a bookmark at the current location

C-x r b moves to the location specified by the bookmark

C-x r l lists your bookmarks

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  • What do you mean by C-x r m? is it a comibination of keys as a command? – Woeitg Sep 11 '16 at 7:12
  • 1
    You hit the nail on the head. C-x r m represents a series of "key presses" which emacs interprets and then invokes the command to which that key sequence maps. C-x r m represents pressing the "Control" key at the same time as the "x" key, then releasing those and pressing the r key, then releasing the r key and pressing the m key. (Apologies for the slow response...) – thomp45793 Sep 20 '16 at 14:53

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