I want to change an image depth of bitmap for testing purposes. Right now I am trying to get a 2 bit palette image, and a 4444 Hicolor image.

I have a true color bitmap. I used the below command line

convert -depth 2 /media/bitmap/rule.bmp lut2bpp.bmp

then when I used identify I got this

Image: lut2bpp.bmp
Format: BMP (Microsoft Windows bitmap image)
Class: PseudoClass
Geometry: 720x480
Type: Palette
Endianess: Undefined
Colorspace: RGB
Channel depth:
Red: 8-bits
Green: 8-bits
Blue: 8-bits

It changed it to a palette which is great, how do I get to change channel depth?

How about changing that true color 24 bit image to hi color 4444 image?

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