I have the file in the name of file123 with the content of


i want to change the keyword passwd inside the file on particularly 1,3 line.


You can do:

sed '1,3 s/^passwd/NEW/' file123
  • 1,3 makes sed only to operate on line 1 to 3

  • s/^passwd/NEW/ substitute passwd at the start (^) with NEW, change this to meet your need. Note that although 1,3 is matching from lines 1 to 3, the Regex pattern is only matching line 1 and 3 of your sample, hence modifications are being made to those lines only

To edit the file in place, with the GNU implementation of sed:

sed -i '1,3 s/^passwd/NEW/' file123
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    you might want to clarify that 1,3 means lines 1,2,3 but that your regex ensures it works for OP's input – Sundeep Aug 29 '16 at 13:08
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    @spasic Clarified.. – heemayl Aug 29 '16 at 13:13

If you want to do a substitution on lines 1 and 3 only, you can do:

sed '
  1 b subst
  3 b subst

Or with awk:

awk 'NR == 1 || NR == 3 {sub(/string/, "replacement")}

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