i've got empty modules.dep file after compiling new kernel from source

after kernel compile, and then kernel module compile and then make modules_install to modules directory, i checked modules.dep file inside destination modules directory is empty, and then i ran this command

depmod -a -b <kernel-modules-dest-dir> -e -F <kernel-source-directory>/System.map -n -v 4.7.0

and the result was :

# Aliases extracted from modules themselves.
# Soft dependencies extracted from modules themselves.
# Aliases for symbols, used by symbol_request().
# Device nodes to trigger on-demand module loading.

i'am compiling kernel 4.7.0 using host with version 4.4.x (ubuntu 16.04), there are a lot of .ko files inside <kernel-modules-dest-dir> but somehow depmod don't see any compiled loadable kernel modules

these are roughly the command script i ran :

cp ../../kernel-config ./.config-x86_64 make mrproper make menuconfig make -j8 make bzImage cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage ../../vmlinuz mkdir -p ../../kernel-modules make modules make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=../../kernel-modules

is they anything wrong in my compilation step ?

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