I run this zsh chained command in my terminal:

cd /path/to/backups/pod3 && rm -rf ./*(Om[1,-10])

This works fine and removes the appropriate directories as expected.

However, when I put that in a script, I get this error:

syntax error near unexpected token `('

I did some research and it seems I need to set this in my shell script:

setopt extended_glob

However, after I add that line at the top of the script, it throws its own error.

setopt: command not found

So I am not sure what I am doing wrong here and how to fix this.


You need to add a she-bang to your script to tell the system the script has to be interpreted by zsh, as otherwise it would be interpreted by sh instead:

#! /bin/zsh -
cd /path/to/backups/pod3 && rm -rf ./*(Om[1,-10])

Change /bin/zsh to the actual path of the zsh executable, or change the whole she-bang line to:

#! /usr/bin/env zsh

for the path of zsh to be looked up in $PATH (assuming the env command is in /usr/bin which is the case on most systems).

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