I have file data as below

  1. bill johnson
  2. robert dylan
  3. neil o'bryan

and the requirement is to extract the last name and add @mail.com to it. I used the below command

cut -d"|" -f2 emp.lst | sed 's/\([a-z][a-z]*\) \([a-z][a-z]*\)/\2@mail.com/'

-- Cut command to get the second field from the file (full name) -- Sed to separate first and last name and assign email to the last name

Everything works fine except the name neil o'bryan and below is the result I got

  1. johnson@mail.com
  2. dylan@gmail.com
  3. o@gmail.com'bryan

Please help me how to get the name with single quote work as expected. i.e. o'bryan@mail.com

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    awk '{printf "%s\n", $2"@mail.com"}' file (or $3 if the lines are actually numbered)... – jasonwryan Aug 28 '16 at 7:56
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    You are using cut -d"|" but your data file has no | characters in it. Explain. – John1024 Aug 28 '16 at 8:07
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    Do you think \([a-z][a-z]*\) could possible match o'bryan? :) – Satō Katsura Aug 28 '16 at 8:09
  • Its not a possible match. I am not sure how to include single quote here to match o'bryan. – AngiSen Aug 28 '16 at 8:45

Assuming that o'brian should be obrian in the email address, just add a tr stage to the pipeline to get rid of unwanted characters:

cut -d "|" -f2 emp.lst |
tr -d "'" |
sed 's/\([a-z][a-z]*\) \([a-z][a-z]*\)/\2@mail.com/'

You could do the same with any other characters you'd like to remove, or convert to something else, like

cut -d "|" -f2 emp.lst |
tr -d "'" |
tr 'åäöé' 'aaoe' |
sed 's/\([a-z][a-z]*\) \([a-z][a-z]*\)/\2@mail.com/'

If the address should be o'brian@mail.com (with the apostrophe in place), just add that to the regular expression:

cut -d "|" -f2 emp.lst |
sed "s/\([a-z][a-z]*\) \([a-z]['a-z]*\)/\2@mail.com/"

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