I want to know, why I can't use Nouveau driver.

I explain:

When I use on my MSI GP62 6QF 1016 laptop computer my Nouveau driver, my Debian freezes with this error:

nouveau pci: failed to adjust inkctl speed.

And if I blacklist Nouveau, my Debian works fine.

But I want to know why when I used my nouveau driver, my computer freezes.

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    This is probably a question to the developers of the Noveau driver. Moreover, you will need to give a lot of hardware details for it to be possible to debug. – grochmal Aug 27 '16 at 15:47

There is a lot distribution exsting with newer than actuel debian 8.6 with better implementation or your hardware.

So pick one distribution popular is tried it. Personally, i tried fedora which was better hardware implementation than debian. But the best was LinuxMint i can easily install nvidia-driver without any problem and all laptop functionality work very well.

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