I've a system where the buffer usage is growing over the time.

I trace it while monitoring the memory usage with dstat ex:

# dstat -t -m
----system---- ------memory-usage-----
     time     | used  buff  cach  free
25-08 16:30:51|12.6G 72.0k 2966M  187M
25-08 16:30:52|12.6G 72.0k 2971M  183M
25-08 16:30:53|12.6G 72.0k 2979M  174M^C

(this is an example from my laptop, the system I'm talking about was using hundreds of MB).

Do you know how I could find the process(es) using this kind of memory?

I checked the /proc/xx/status smaps etc, but did not found anything about buffers.

  • it's kernel memory, use slabtop. – Ipor Sircer Aug 25 '16 at 14:45
  • @IporSircer sorry but it's not true: <pre> # slabtop -o | grep "Total Size" Active / Total Size (% used) : 607709.44K / 641943.48K (94.7%) # egrep "Buffers:|Cached:|Slab:" /proc/meminfo Buffers: 308 kB Cached: 2026308 kB SwapCached: 0 kB Slab: 647760 kB # free -w total used free shared buffers cache available Mem: 32515716 2482224 27357544 225376 308 2675640 29245636 Swap: 12578812 0 12578812 </pre> – ThoSil Aug 26 '16 at 13:51

Got some hints from from Robert Love himself answering here and here

As I understand this memory is used only by the kernel, trying to find out which process is using it is pointless.

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