How can one make mutt display ONLY the last instance of a particular header.

In many cases, such as g.e. UCE messages or phishing messages, the last (or oldest) of several "Received:" lines is the one of interest to obtain an idea of the origin of the mail. Is there a way of of making mutt display only the last instance of the "Received:" header?


You could use display_filter:

3.54 display_filter

Type: path
Default: (empty)

When set, specifies a command used to filter messages. When a message is viewed it is passed as standard input to $display_filter, and the filtered message is read from the standard output.

This requires some other command that can read a message from stdin and filter the "Received" headers accordingly. eg.

$ cat last-rec.sed
0,/^$/{ # only process headers
        h # overwrite any previous Received line
        # read next line without printing current
            H # append to current Received line
            b fold
        b hdr
        # show final received line
        # and the empty line

(This has the side-effect of moving the remaining Received: line below all the other headers.)

Then set it up in muttrc:

set display_filter="sed -f /path/to/last-rec.sed"
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  • JigglyNaga's suggestion is working flawlessly for me. Thanks. – elie Aug 25 '16 at 14:52

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