I know this is one of those questions that have been debated up and down the web. But I still want to have some opinions on this. It is about mounting a usb-drive or usb-stick as a normal user. I mostly work in terminal, and I know the standard procedures:
- If it's the same drive every time, create an fstab entry
- If it's an unrecognized drive, use sudo mount
But here is what I do when I am to lazy to write all the paths, type the passwords and deal with the permissions: I type thunar (xfce file-manager), click the respective drive in the window and close it again. And the drive is mounted in a predictable place, with read/write permission and I can use it (security nightmare, I know). Isn't there a terminal alternative for that? I am aware of usbmount, but it clashes with another program (calibre). So right now I am using something like udisksctl mount -b /dev/sdb1, which is ok. But I still have to type my root password.
And here is a side question: Is the fact that I do all the mounting of different drives under root permissions really making my computer safer? If I mount a potentially dangerous drive, should it really be as root?
Thanks in advance!

@ hschou
Yes, I am using systemd. Thanks for the hint to look at udev. The output of dmesg -w exceeds the maximum character limit. What should I look for?

  • Are you using systemd? Then it should be possible to use udev to handle it. Add the output from dmesg -w to your question and I might be able to write the commands. – hschou Aug 23 '16 at 21:35

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