I am trying to install Apricity OS (Gnome version, based on Arch Linux) on my laptop. I have downloaded the ISO and created a bootable USB installer using Rufus utility (http://rufus.akeo.ie/) on my 32 GB pen drive. Now, I am able to boot my laptop using from the USB but when I start the installation it fails. Below is a snapshot of my screen. Snapshot

I searched the internet but I am unable to find much help on this. Please let me know if I can provide more details.

Thank you!

  • @Thomas This worked well! I owe you a beer.. – Souvik Ghosh Aug 20 '16 at 15:12

This looks like rufus didn't do a good job as the filesystem label seems to be missing.

If you have a second linux machine you simply could use

dd if=apricity_os-07.2016-aspen-v2-gnome.iso of=/dev/<usb-drive> bs=1M; eject /dev/<usb-drive>

or use USBWriter for Windows.

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