I use terminator on arch linux / Gnome 3 and in there I switch between the tabs with Control L + Page Up / Down. When I'm in the de or en keyboard layout, this works fine. However, I figured out that when I'm using the no keyboard layout, this exact same key combination doesn't make terminator to switch between the tabs, instead it prints 5~ on the terminal.

I already checked the Show Keyboard Layout window to check, that the Control L, Page Up and Page Down keys aren't remapped or something and they are exactly the same between the de and the no layout.

Where does this behavior come from?

Edit: I dug a bit deeper and found, that the only difference, xev shows for both combinations is the state variable, which is 0x4004 in de and 0x4 in no. What is the 0x4000 flag for? Why is it set in the de layout and not in the no one?

  • The reason is that when you switch layouts, under the hood, that's encoded as using a “layout-switch” modifier. Some applications see a key with the layout-switch modifier and treat it as distinct from the bare key. Other applications ignore the unknown modifier. If you load a different configuration instead of having a dual-layout configuration you won't have this problem. – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Aug 20 '16 at 1:22

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