I installed rdesktop via pacman (package manager) After that I tried runned rdesktop command for connect to remote windows' desktop and got that error

rdesktop: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/libpcsclite.so.1: file too short

I tried install libpcsclite package via pacman and yaourt but they didn't find the package.

The question is how to fix that issue?

Thanks, Michael.


A quick search turned up that the libpcsclite.so.1 file is a part of pcsclite 1.8.16-1.

Try installing that package. If it still isn't found update pacman with:

pacman -Syu

and try again. If it's still not working you may not have the correct mirrors setup.

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    Excellent mate, glad to hear! Would you mind accepting the answer so that others will know at a glance that the problem is solved? – I_GNU_it_all_along Aug 18 '16 at 11:55

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