Days ago I was playing with Gnome 3 and Cinnamon and I decide after a few test to keep Cinnamon and remove Gnome. The problem is I don't know if it's secure to remove everything marked as installed under the group GNOME Desktop => GNOME since I don't know if those packages are used in any other application or maybe by Cinnamon.

What's the best and secure way to remove Gnome 3 completely? What or how would you do that?

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The packages are grouped in the groups, that can be installed and removed together. Running

dnf group list

should tell you the names of available groups and one of them should be something like gnome-desktop-environment. Removing it should do the job:

dnf group remove gnome-desktop-environment

If you are using Fedora, you could also consider a clean install of a "spin" available at: https://spins.fedoraproject.org/

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