So, in my make.conf I have ACCEPT_LICENSE="@FREE" variable set up, but I still want to use some proprietary software. Best case scenario would be Portage warning that the software I'm going to install is not free and then ask for a confirmation to proceed. Is that possible?


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I have ACCEPT_LICENSES="-* @FREE", yet sadly need some proprietary software for school once in while. I solved this using the optional file in /etc/portage, package.license, where you can instruct portage to make exceptions for certain licenses on certain packages.

The format of package.license is similar to package.use: you supply one package per line, in the format of category/package license. You can use # to start comments as well.

You can also make /etc/portage/package.license a directory, like the other configuration files in there. In that case, it will read all files inside this directory.

Using this configuration, when you try to install software with licenses not included in @FREE, portage will complain about it. It will inform you which packages require which licenses to be accepted, which you can then add to your package.license configuration.

  1. Add ACCEPT_LICENSE="-* @FREE" in the /etc/portage/make.conf
  2. Add ACCEPT_LICENSE="*" in the /etc/portage/env/accept_license.conf

Then you can allow specific packages you want creating a file on /etc/portage/package.env.

E.g (/etc/portage/package.env/non-free):

<category>/<some-software> accept_license.conf
  • One may use /etc/portage/package.license directly, but you have to specify the exact allowed licenses.
    – user22304
    Nov 9, 2016 at 17:13

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