How can I establish a reverse ssh tunnel with my ./ssh/config file?

I'm trying to reproduce this command

ssh [email protected] -L 4444:restricedserver1.org:4420 -L 4445:restricedserver2:4430

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Yes. The option is called RemoteForward with a bit different syntax.

But in your example, you are using LocalForward, which would look like this in ssh_config:

Host dmx.com
  User admin
  LocalForward 4444 restricedserver1.org:4420
  LocalForward 4445 restricedserver2:4430

You don't need a tunnel. Use ProxyCommand instead:

Host restricedserver1
    HostName        restricedserver1.org
    User            admin
    Port            4420
    ProxyCommand    ssh -A -q -l %r -W %h:4444 dmx.com
    ControlMaster   auto
    ControlPersist  5m

and similar for the other host. The advantage over a tunnel is that you don't need to keep it up all the time.

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